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Sensei Patricia Rebmann


Patricia Rebmann was enrolled at the age of 9 in the junior program at Law’s Judo & Jujitsu Gymnasium, Oakland, CA. She went to become a nationally certified Nidan or 2nd degree Black Belt. In March of 1973 along with Prof. Rebmann, began instructing Jujitsu to students in Livermore, CA. They established the Amador Judo & Jujitsu Studio which through the years has taught several thousand students. Many of their students have become Black Belts and State / National Champions. Patricia is a member of the Shoshin Ryu Yudanshakai and the Pacific Jujitsu Alliance. She is a lifetime member of the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation and a past recipient of the prestigious AJJF Prof. Bert Aspinal award

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