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What is Jujitsu?


Jujitsu is an art, a discipline, a recreational activity, a keep fit program, a means of self defense and a way of life.

Literally, Jujitsu is the art or technique of suppleness, flexibility and gentleness. This art requires that you relax in order to be aware of and blend in with every facet of your environment. You must remain alert to any threat and then respond automatically to avoid or meet the provocation. The optimal state of mind is outwardly passive and calm, but reflective of everything around the practitioner.

Jujitsu is the parent form which other Martial Arts have been developed. A complete Jujitsu technique will use elements of Judo in the form of throws, hold downs, arm locks and chokes. It may use the elements of Aikido in the form of nerve attacks, joint locks and arm holds. The technique may also use elements of Karate in which blocks, strikes and kicks are used. Since Jujitsu contains more variants than an other single Martial Art, the student will have a more effective repertoire of techniques to draw from.

Jujitsu is a complete art, comprising of many specializations:

  • Aikijitsu - Art of Blending

  • Kenpojitsu -Art of the Fist

  • Tessenjitsu - Art of the Iron Fan

  • Tanjojitsu - Fighting with a Knife

  • Jojojitsu - Art of Tying

  • Bojitsu - Art of the 6 foot Staff

  • Jojitsu - Art of the 4 foot Staff

  • Hanbojitsu - Art of the 3 foot Staff

  • Policejitsu - Arresting Techniques

  • Japanese Yoga, Kappo - Art of Resuscitation

  • Seifukujitsu - Restorative Massage

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